Adventures in the GBA BIOS

So, that tweet went a little bit viral. It's the classic Game Boy Advance boot-up screen, with the text changed to the oh-so-relatable "I'm Gay". I »

"Did they even QA this?"

Yes. They did. You know they did. Dozens, possibly hundreds or even thousands of people spent several hours, every day, for months on end testing the »


Designing Interesting Games

Every time you design a game, you have to make several conscious decisions in response to certain questions. How will the player interact with the game? »


Keyboard Nightmares

The Google Keyboard team enjoys recreational drugs On the Google Keyboard on Android, if you hold down on a key, a small menu will pop up »


Messing With Loops

I was recently involved in a Facebook discussion thread about for loops (which should give you some idea of the kinds of people I hang out »


Solving Strata

A long while ago, I found a nice little mobile puzzle game called Strata by Graveck. The premise of the game is simple, you are presented »

Game Dev Articles/Resources

Over the last few years I've been collecting various articles and resources I find interesting, that are either directly or tangentially related to game development. In »


My favourite DEF CON talks

A few friends and I were discussing DEF CON talks, and sharing links around, and this gave me the idea to compile a list of all »


Decoding Tweets, Part 2

That time I solved the one from Google. Note: This article was originally hosted on Medium. Over the last 24 hours (at time of writing), @GoogleDesign »